A drunk kleptomaniac tries to go on a crime spree. Stealth in. Steal. Escape. Simple right, what could go wrong?

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Play as a drunk thief who breaks into houses to steal a target object ... and more alcohol to quench your thirst! The more alcohol you have, the harder and the more out of control the thief becomes. Take too long or make enough noise and the police will show up. Can you still escape with the cops hot on your tail?


  • 18 levels to explore and rob.
  • 4 minigames
  • Cosmetic items

3 stars can be obtained in each normal level:

  • 1 for collecting all target items.
  • 1 for collecting all target drinks.
  • 1 for escaping on time.

How to Play:

Tap on the menu options to select, pull the visual joystick to move the character around.

Rather play with a virtual d-pad? You can change it in the settings under "Gameplay".


What is Project 2021?

Over the course of this year, I am trying to tell a story between all of my games. While you do not need to play any prior or following games to enjoy this, the lore does build. Can you piece together the story that is being told?

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AuthorsIanGoGo, jaredmv
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