Contacted by a mysterious organization, Benetton must travel into a dungeon and clear out a horde of monsters using a magic sword. 


  • WASD keys to move (Recommended).
  • Arrow keys to move
  • Space to slide (invincible while sliding).
  • Click to attack
  • Mouse to aim


This sword, known as the 'Beastial Rage', has the ability to deal huge damage if used with 10 seconds of killing an enemy (8 times damage) and will return some health. The downside is your color vision is gone, forcing you to see the world in a more primal way.

Game Jam Themes:

This project was made for both the Black and White Game Jam and the Bullet Hell Jam.

  • The Bullet Hell Jam Theme was "10 seconds", so the weapon in this has 10 seconds in which it's power is incredibly upgraded.
  • The Black and White Jam theme was "You will only miss it when it is gone". Since every level starts with having the ability going, it can be very tricky to get it back if it is lost. 


  • Play in full screen.
  • You are invincible while sliding, use this to get out of tough situations quickly.
  • The largest enemy has 6,000 hit points and takes 30 hits to go down. You may want to keep other enemies alive incase your ability gets too low.


Music by Nicolas Jeudy from "Immortals"

Everything else by IanGoGo

What is Project 2021?

Over the course of this year, I am trying to tell a story between all of my games. While you do not need to play any prior or following games to enjoy this, the lore does build. Can you piece together the story that is being told?

Other Cannon Games This Year:

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  6. Last Man Standing
  7. Joining Forces
  8. Second Son
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  10. Journey to Hell
  11. A Drunk Thief Returns
  12. From the Ashes

=== Update 5/19/2022 ===

While I was replaying, I noticed some color had slipped through on one of the menus so I fixed that. I also replaced the splash screen with a black and white image to fully remove all color from the project. I also replaced the normal Defold loading screen with the black and white "Made with Defold"

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Made withDefold
TagsBlack and White, Dark Fantasy, Top down shooter


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Interesting concept, I enjoyed the power boost mechanic, it makes you keep moving constantly in the search of an enemy, and the mechanics around it (grouping low HP enemies with a high HP one) is a nice idea!

I would suggest looking into the enemy AI, I've found some cases where the archers get stuck in the walls.

Good game!

I'll look into the AI! AI programming has never really been my strong suit, so I'll see what I can do!