Inspired by:

  • Donte's Inferno
  • 23 Minutes in Hell
  • CS Lewis's Screwtape letters


Level Design: 



What is Project 2021?

Over the course of this year, I am trying to tell a story between all of my games. While you do not need to play any prior or following games to enjoy this, the lore does build. Can you piece together the story that is being told?

Other Cannon Games This Year:

  1. Out Of Time
  2. Armor Of God
  3. Death Percent
  4. Rouge Royale
  5. A Name Is Earned
  6. Last Man Standing
  7. Joining Forces
  8. Second Son
  9. Death Percent 2
  10. Journey to Hell
  11. From the Ashes

Updated 18 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsIanGoGo, jaredmv
Made withDefold
Tags2D, Atmospheric, christian, Creepy, Horror, Singleplayer


Journey To Hell - Windows 32 85 MB
Journey To Hell - Windows 64 86 MB
Journey To Hell - MacOS 77 MB

Install instructions

Note: Pressing esc will toggle screen mode. There is also a quit button in the settings.

Windows: Download the windows version(32 or 64 bit), unzip the file and click on the "Journey_To_Hell.exe" to start the game.

MacOS: Download the macOS version, unzip / decompress the folder and click on the application to begin.


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Is the double jump intentional? it feels like a bug. also the gaps you have to jump over are just slightly too wide and end up feeling more frustrating than challenging.

I love the general aesthetic and mood, the sounds are great, the animations are solid, but the gameplay itself just isn't very fun. I found myself bored before finishing it. 

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, double jump is a bug and shouldn't be possible. I'll bump up the player speed slightly to make the jumps easier. Gameplay was something I really struggled with, I'll see if I can fix anything before the jam ends.

Thanks for the great feedback!

You're welcome!

(1 edit)

Updated the player movement speed, redesigned some of the levels to have multiple exits and added a new enemy type. Hopefully these changes help to make the game more interesting!

Thanks again for the great feedback!

It looks great, certainly better than mine haha. Great submission, you should be proud.