In this platformer, death is not the end. Levels can only be finished once your character has perished. Can you get the fasted time in all 12 levels in order to unlock the ending?


Although you may be able to move through walls, you move much slower as a Ghost.

Music or sounds annoying you? You can adjust their levels in the settings menu!


Movement: WASD or Arrow Keys

Jump (human only): W, up or space bar

Profile Update (4/27/23) Contains:

  • New Profile System
  • New Main Menu Options
  • Ghost Movement Fix

What is Project 2021?

Over the course of this year, I am trying to tell a story between all of my games. While you do not need to play any prior or following games to enjoy this, the lore does build. Can you piece together the story that is being told?

Canon Games (2021):

  1. Out Of Time
  2. Armor Of God
  3. Death Percent
  4. Rouge Royale
  5. A Name Is Earned
  6. Last Man Standing
  7. Joining Forces
  8. Second Son
  9. Death Percent 2
  10. Journey to Hell
  11. A Drunk Thief Returns
  12. From the Ashes

Canon Games (Post-Challenge):

  1. On Thin Ice
  2. Static Lifeline
  3. In The Walls
  4. Against All Odds 
  5. Back From The Brink
  6. You Picked The Wrong Castle
  7. Expedition of Extinction

Older Updates:

  • Lore Update (3/17/21) Contains:
    • Normal ending
    • Secret ending
    • Main Menu Animations
  • Post-Jam Fixes (3/12/21):
    • Timer starts on player moving instead of automatically
    • World Record Counter is now semi-transparent
    • Wall Jump glitch has been patched
    • Level 11 will no longer let the player up the tunnel
    • No more jumping off of spawn
    • No more dying and respawning as a ghost
    • Wall clip in level 12 has been fixed


Made for the Wowie Jam 3.0.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(33 total ratings)
Made withDefold
Tags2D, Ghosts, Speedrun


Download 51 MB

Install instructions

=== Windows === 

  1. Download the File ""
  2. Unzip the file 
  3. Click "DeathPercent.exe"
  4. Enjoy!


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whats the best time on level 6

and 12

and 6

does anybody have a better time on lvl 4 then 4.39?

According to, the fasted time for level 4 (with video proof is 4.27)

A 4.25 is listed but (to my knowledge)  does not have any video proof

oh ok


A few months hiatus and i'm somehow a 100x better than i was before? idkgot a new computer so i dont have my old save file but my pb is 59.9

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Congrats! You're the second person to break the 60 second line for sum of best! The WR (according to is currently 59.8 


It's been 4 months but i got a new best on a level by a single frame


More questions! Lol.

1. How do you track the stopwatch? Do you count frames or use a real life clock? I’m only asking because some times I get are a bit strange and shouldn’t be possible on 60fps. (The comment below me got a 2.34, which is impossible since a 140 frame run would net a 2.3333333 and 141 frame run would net a 2.35.) although I’m not the smartest person when it comes to this and maybe I’m missing something idk.

2. this might be a bit of a stretch, but would it be possible to add a replay system like trackmania has? Like a file that stores a player’s location or movements that can be replayed and compared with other replays. If you do want to add this we could move to discord and talk about this further.

Thanks for reading!

Good Questions!

1) It should be counting frames, not entirely sure how a 2.34 is possible either since that would require 140.5 frames. I'll look into my timer code to make sure there isn't a bug somewhere. 

2) Can you expand on what you mean here? The basic functionality of a ghost character to race against wouldn't be hard to implement, the challenging part would be saving and loading the files. I'd either have to invest in a server and learn network code or I'd have to ask people to manually save and upload files, which runs the risk of viruses. It's a good idea, I just have to think of exactly how I'd do it. 


I'm not an expert on the technicalities of server code, so I can't really give any technical input, but I know Trackmania has a really simple method of storing replays. As for investing in a server, I don't know if that's a good idea because I'm pretty much the only person speedrunning this game at this point lol

Does anyone have a better time on level 7 than 2.34? I didnt record it but i thought it was a pretty low time lol

yup. new world record by 0.01 seconds!

well it's a bit more complex than that but that is the lowest time anyone's gotten on the level

It's been a while, but I'm getting back into speedrunning this game, and I just have a couple of questions about some technical details

1. What framerate does the game run on?

2. How long does coyote time last for? (the period where the player still has the ability to jump after falling of a platform)

Hey! Sorry for the delay.

1. The game's physics run at 60 fps.

2. There is a 15-frame window for coyote time or .25 of a second

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Ok. Thank you! Don't worry about the delay. The first question was just to determine the possible time saves, (if any), and the second question was just personal curiosity. Thanks again!

Goodluck on the runs man

thanks lol it’s really hard beating your runs

Good game, but your world records do not update, since I saw someone have like 2 seconds lower than me but I beat them all

does anyone know how to get less than 7 seconds on level 3



might do it again later ~v~


the secret ending was anticlimactic

The secret endings for most of my games tie back into the larger story I was trying to tell with Project-2021. I've gotten better at them since (I think)


It was really fun getting all 12 records and Sub-80 for the Secret Ending!
Also the death mechanic was cool and figuring out how to optimize the levels.


quick question: does use the in-game timer or do i need external software?


in-game time

(+1) uses the in-game timer but it's a sum-of-best, so it is the time displayed bellow the 'level select' 

Death % - A Review

By Person

An overall short and simple game, I really enjoy the premise, though I do feel like the primary mechanic could have been used in some more creative ways.

It's a nice game jam game, and for that I give it an


This is the closest i got 

please tell me how you got less than 7 seconds for level 3, i need to know your secrets

ride the platform and jump at the en

what platform, are you talking about level 7?

(1 edit)

sorry, i mixed up the numbers, its just optimization


Hey everyone! I just released a new update that adds in a few things such as:

  • Profile Selection
  • Ghost movement fix

If you played the game before the update then your world records will be saved under a profile named "Legacy Data". If you have any issues with the game please let me know so I can fix it!

Best of luck and happy speedrunning!


This new update is so useful thank you for your work! If you want to join the discord yourself I did make a role for you.

Yup! Just joined! Thank you so much for setting that up!

Very fun game. Great work!





i set a couple records i love the concept



this is the best i could get

yea imma focus on my exams for now. but then im taking that wr back.

Im trying to get sub 60 anyone got tips on lvl 12? i cant get below 10.98


triple jump + start later. I recommend watching davour's wr run

im having trouble on lv 8 itas kinda hard

i thought everybody was really bad at speedrunning for a while

Discord for speedrunning/death percent, feel free to join !

Has anyone actually made a discord server for this game? if so you should comment a link.

my buddy BlueJay5307 has a better time than this but I think him, I, BBerry are the first sub 50 runs (glitched)

i was able to get level 2 to 4.13 (the rest of my times suck tho)


well, i died while being squished into the wall by the moving platform and i teleported to the bottom left corner (what i assume is 0, 0)


this is a nice game, I've been shattering some of the records.

(1 edit) (+1)

Amazing news everyone the leaderboard got accepted, i'm going to get some categories up before posting the link but if anyone would like to make a community discord for us then send the link here, I can put it on the website. Anyone interested in moderating the board also reply here.

(1 edit) (+1)

Here is the link:

This does mean that runs will HAVE to be recorded for you to submit them now, it doesnt really matter how just as long as you get a clip of each of your levels. I recommend using a "replay" or clipping tool so you're not consantly recording but you can clip the last 15 seconds.


Please feel free to upload any run you have, it doesn't have to be world record, but the more runs we have the more filled out the leader board will look.


two things

1. I'm having a glitch where my ghost moves hella slowly. have you experience this/ know how to fix it

2. I cannot submit a run because it says im not signed in. I can submit runs on other games just not death%


I've had the same thing about the website, but for the slow ghost thing I just reloaded or closed and reopened the ta


preciate it

Yeah, not sure why that is happening, I am looking into the code to fix it as well as do some quality-of-life changes like the ability to clear specific WR times.

Hey thank you so much! You are doing so much for this and I really appreciate it!

That is awesome! Thank you so much for getting this set up!


Let's go! I'm down to moderate the website, I'll also submit my run soon.

I can be a mod to, Speedrun .com account same name as this one.

I would love to be a mod for the speedrun .com, my username there is the same as this one

(1 edit)

I'll make a discord and post it

anyone who wanted to be mod etc can apply through there


59.80 WR





well just walk lol


Three times and three new records try again bois


those times aren't the actual world records they're just pre-set ingame times

this is the current world record at 59.80 seconds (my level 11 time is wrong here)


well you see that my time for this level is lower than yours that's what I am referring to


another one




howd u get such a killer time on level 5? I can't get below 7:(


sheer luck tbh, i haven't been able to get below 6.8 since

(1 edit) (+1)

damn gg man well done


new wr by 1 frame

(2 edits) (+1)

wr has now been tiedalso second ever sub 60

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