A downloadable Chess for Millennials for Windows, macOS, and Linux


The game of chess is a classic dating back more then 1500 years. But can it be improved or at least modernized? My goal was to find out.

I wanted to keep the essence of the game of chess, mainly the iconic pieces and the idea of strategically thinking ahead.

In my attempt to modernize this game, I realized I was doing something no one wanted and no one would really care about, the ultimate millennial move, hence the game's title.

How to play:

Drag and drop pieces down onto the board and click play.

If you click on a piece on the board, you can a list of options including selling, and moving pieces.

Pieces can only be moved once per round.

If Pawns are moved 8 times, they can be promoted to any other piece.

If a piece gets destroyed, it is lost forever.


This game was made in less then 48 work hours for the Miz game jam using the 1 bit Kenney art pack.

This game was originally meant to be a web build, but due to many issues including not getting screen scaling to work with click detection. This game must be downloaded to play and enjoy.


Chess For Millennials.app.zip 9 MB
Chess For Millennials.zip 9 MB
Chess For Millennials_Linux.zip 14 MB

Install instructions

Download the game for the operating system you use, unzip the folder and enjoy!


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I got to wave 25 before the game got too laggy to even function. But overall pretty short and fun! 

Fun little game:)