A remake of the 2020 classic "A Drunk Thief" made in only 10 lines of code. 

=== How To Play ===

Navigate each room to locate the alcohol, once it is collected make your way to the door in order to escape. Hitting anything else will cause the police to show up. If you get caught, game over.

=== Inspiration ===

Inspired by the video made by Jonas Tyroller "Making a Game with 10 lines of code only..."

=== Controls ===

WASD or Arrow Keys

=== Credits ===


Drunk Thief Windows 27 MB

Install instructions

  1.  Download the file "Drunk Thief Windows"
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Click "10linesofcodeDrunkThief.exe"
  4. Enjoy :) 

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